Lost Girls

Lost Girls - Caitlin Rother While reading this book I felt as though I was reading an episode of 48 hours. Given the title of the book, "Lost Girls" I expected the book to be more about the girls not the person who ended their lives. In my opinion this book did a disservice to the lives of Amber and Chelsea by focusing on John's life. I may have felt different about the book if they were able to explain why he did those horrible things to those girls, but it didn't. Oh it showed how his mom was an enabler and in denial about him. And it told about his disfunctional family full of molesting, alcholism, divorce, incest, and abuse. But when it came down to the WHY he did it they blamed the system for not getting him the help that he needed. Nevermind that his mom felt that he didn't deserve to go to prison for assulting a 13 year old girl but she felt they should have locked him up for breaking his parole by have a controlled substance in his car. I'm not saying that there isn't mental illness in the world but when people try to hide behind a label to explain there behavior, that's when I stop caring. He never once took ownership in what he did, it was always about the things that had gone wrong for him. Well Boo Hoo John!!